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Marlowe “The No Nonsense Man”

Amazon Watch and Shop Ad


The brief:

The project will utilize a down to earth, classy and masculine hero to portray what Marlowe’s “No Nonsense Man” would look like.

He is skillful with power tools, conscious about what he eats and utilizes a simple and effective skincare solution to maintain his appearance. He is the kind of guy who likes to kick it with the bros on the weekends, likes to dress up on occasion and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to do the dirty work that no one else dares to do.


  • Marlowe Skincare Products are simple and effective.

  • Marlowe is high quality.

  • Marlowe contains no harsh ingredients or fragrances. 

  • Marlowe is for those looking to elevate their lifestyle.



  • To add credibility to Marlowe by delivering a video with high production value and messaging in alignment with the brand.

  • To showcase what Marlowe’s “No Nonsense Man” could look like.

  • To utilize on Amazon’s “Watch and Shop” platform and marketing levers to increase visibility and traffic.

Marlowe men's shaving cream for video advertising


We began the project by defining hobbies, behaviors and other characteristics that could be associated with Marlowe’s proposed “No Nonsense” mascot.

By understanding Marlowe’s demographic, we could write setups and activities that would resonate with their target audience. The biggest challenge was to create messaging that was both aspirational and down to earth.

We then mapped out what a day in the life of a “No Nonsense” man would look like. We outlined what kind of food he would eat, how he would dress, his confidence, attitude, masculinity and overall competence. The next step was figuring out what he would look like, what kind of clothes he would wear and so forth. We proceeded to explore available models in our area with modeling agencies that we maintain a good relationship with.

Modeling agencies often have many different types of models with various different looks; we used that to further mold the look of our hero. We liked Casey and we further found that he worked on cars, was handy with tools and had great locations we could utilize. We sent over out model, proposed locations and refined creative to the client to review; shortly it was green-lit and we began production.

Project timeline

Project timeline

Fashion style guide

Fashion style guide

Props we’re bringing

Props we’re bringing


Locations and great set design is often overlooked in video production. We believe set design is a crucial component that further immerses an audience in the story you are telling. We did location scouting to properly represent our scenes and dressed them up accordingly. The locations represented city life, the countryside and urban grunge.

Garage scenes

Garage scenes

Walking shots

Walking shots

Grilling scenes

Grilling scenes

Shots on paper:

We like structure in our projects; however, it is important to be flexible.

When we storyboard, we define crucial elements to further mold on set. Too much structure sets up unrealistic expectations and can make a video feel rigid and stiff. It is important to understand that great ideas on paper might not translate proper on the screen.

Storyboard for skincare video ad in Seattle
Planning of video shots before production for brand marketing

Rough script:

We married narration copy to activities and lifestyle imagery to deliver powerful messaging.

Marlowe “The No Nonsense Man” rough script excerpt:


Dave (masculine late 20’s attractive man w/facial hair) in casual wear ignites a gas grill, lays out cuts of meat and cooks it smugly.

NARRATOR: “Dave is a no nonsense man.”


Dave walks towards the camera in slow motion and pulls out a small lint roller from his suit jacket. Dave gives his suit a roll over and puts his lint roller back into his jacket.

NARRATOR: “He’s the kind of guy who knows where his food comes from. Keeps his suits lint free.”


Dave drinks a cup of steaming coffee looking outwards as if he is thinking something profound.


Dave is washing his face with Marlowe skincare products

NARRATOR: “and takes care of himself.”


Dave is servicing his car in work wear using a grinder and various tools. He also does a few welds.

NARRATOR: “Dave knows when to roll up his sleeves and get the job done.”


When it comes to directing, we prefer to work with seasoned lifestyle models that have personalities that authentically compliment the products they are representing. We wouldn’t want to direct someone to “pretend” to work on cars; nor would we know how to direct that without adequate research and experience. We like to collaborate with proactive and cooperative talent.



Video editing is a very delicate process; this is where we test and see how ideas on paper translate to the screen.

Many times stories are altered or optimized by cuts, transitions, color, sound design and so forth. We spend the most time in post-production by building and fine-tuning different sequences to find the best pacing and delivery.

Zero Two post-production and editing for brand video marketing

Final ad: