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Zero Two video production company, Washington video marketing

Zero Two was created by founders Jason Estepan and Chadd Underwood in order to combat a growing problem in today's new media landscape. Too often, content is not only ineffective for brands but also even damaging to their image.

We see our friends and peers fail due to the poor execution of great ideas. Even well-established companies are failing to capture audiences because they fail to adapt to the changing demands of tomorrow’s consumer.

We believe many brands are misrepresented and underserved, causing reduced consumer trust and sales.

We are empowering both brands and consumers alike by creating more authentic, heartfelt, humorous, impactful and polished content. By using fresh talent with out of the box ideas, we are creating the new standard of storytelling.





Jason Estepan

Creative Director

Jason Estepan is equal parts entertainer and filmmaker. He values aesthetics, but only to supplement an interesting narrative. It’s not just about having a fresh coat of paint; it’s about putting your heart into it. Jason has created thousands of videos, both short-form and long-form. With over 13 years of multimedia experience and several awards, his work has gathered upwards of 200 million video views. Jason has worked with Amazon, Facebook Research, Herbalife International, OnDeck, Material Girl, Buffalo David Bitton, American Frozen Food Institute, Victory Records and more. He has created Zero Two with the intention of changing the way content is produced and marketed.


Chadd Underwood

Chief Operations Officer

Chadd Underwood is a Jack-of-all-trades with experience in media and business communications. He is well versed music production, sound design, video editing and video production. Chadd has produced music that has generated over 1.2 million streams. Having too often seen brands distance themselves from their consumers, he is driven by the idea that deeper connections can be developed with audiences by telling more compelling stories.


Ian Moore

Director of photography

Ian Moore is a Santa Monica local who now lives in Venice. He has 12 years of experience in film, ranging from commercial content to documentary projects. As a classically trained musician, Ian brings a rhythmic element to his work; he is always looking for new and interesting ways to tell a story.

Whether helping a smaller brand create a fresh image, or helping larger brands communicate with their audience, Ian always knows how to get the message across. Snapchat, Jack Daniels, and Dos Equis are just a few of the major brands that have sought him out for his unique ability to find the shot.